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Therapeutics Pharmacology and Clinical Toxicology

Case Report

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Intoxication with Diazinon

Abstract: Acute poisoning with organophosphoric compounds (OP) still remains an issue for the doctors, due to its’ high prevalence and sternness, many cases evolving to death. This occ.. read more..

An atypical cause of nausea

Abstract: Even if, ileal carcinoid tumours have a low incidence (0.2-0.8/100000), the diagnosis must be considered in the presence of hepatic metastasis of unknown origin. We report a case.. read more..

Compressing Dermoid Cyst of the Neck

Abstract: Neck masses always require an extensive differential diagnosis, including both benign and malignant etiologies. Therefore an accurate diagnosis is of paramount importance and three.. read more..

Neck suppurations in children

Abstract: In the past, neck suppurations were common causes of morbidity and mortality. Nowadays, the progress of antibiotherapy and rapid isolation of pathogenic bacteria with the antibiog.. read more..

Metachronous breast and rectal cancer

Abstract: We present the case of a 51 year old diagnosed with mammary tumor and rectal tumor within 9 months. After investigations, pelvic posterior exenteration is performed. She receives a.. read more..

Nail-Patella Syndrome

Abstract: The authors present the case of a sixteen year-old boy with significant family history (father with chronic kidney disease who received a living related donor kidney transplant), a.. read more..

Pigmented purpuric dermatitis

Abstract: The pigmented purpuric dermatoses are a group of chronic diseases of unknown etiology that have a distinctive clinical appearance. They are characterized by extravasation of erythr.. read more..

The role of HTLV in oncogenesis

Abstract: Adults T cell leukemia/lymphoma is an endemic pathology in South-Eastern Asia, Japan and the Caribbean area, generated by the infection with Human T Leukemia Virus 1 (HTLV-1). We p.. read more..

Lyme disease - peculiar aspects

Abstract: Lyme disease is caused by Borrelia burgdorferi and it manifests as a localized infection of the skin (erythema migrans), followed by heart, joints and nervous system involvement. S.. read more..

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