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Early and late outcome determinants in prosthetic valve endocarditis

Baluta Monica Mariana, Benea Elisabeta Otilia
Abstract: Prosthetic valve endocarditis represents the infections of a prosthetic heart valve. Despite advances in diagnosis techniques and therapy, this syndrome still has a poor outcome due to high mortality. The patient characteristics, cardiac and noncardiac complications, the causal microorganism and contraindication to surgery due to co-morbid condition may influence patient prognosis. The identification of factors influencing prognosis should be a useful tool to select the appropriate therapeutic strategy: medical versus surgical and medical. The current trend favors early surgery; however, antimicrobial treatment offers favorable results in cases without poor prognostic factors. This paper will focus on early and late outcome determinants of prosthetic valve endocarditis.

Keywords: staphylococcus, age, co-morbidities, valve dysfunction, heart failure, stroke


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