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Determining the oxidative metabolism involved in the dynamics of radiotherapy

Aldea Alina, Gruia Maria Iuliana, Romosan Marilena, Anghel Rodica
Abstract: Medical literature disposes of a multitude of theories that account for the essential role of free radicals and other reactives in human pathology. The great number of illnesses containing free radicals speaks for the reality of oxygen reactive species and the association between their excessive formation and tissue lesions, namely lesions that cause oxidative stress. A malignant cell undergoes a dual cause-effect relationship sending into a grey area the exact function of oxidative stress - a cause or a consequence of malignant transformations? Although intense oxidative stress generated during radiotherapy might be held responsible for inducing tumoral cytotoxicity, chemotherapy related moderate oxidative stress could have contradictory side effects that enable the development of therapy resistance mechanisms in tumoral cells, with the disadvantage of decreased efficacy in treatment. This material aims to evaluate certain biochemical parameters connected to oxidative stress involved in the dynamics of radiotherapy, in view of monitoring its efficacy in female patients, diagnosed with cervical cancer. Our study was deployed on 93 female patients undergoing radiotherapy at the Oncological Institute in Bucharest, aged between 39-80 years, monitored in active treatment and by determinations of biochemical oxidative stress. The results we obtained on a relatively small lot of patients suggest significant individual differences at the level of oxidative metabolism associated to radiotherapy. Investigated parameters have marker values within a process of structuring a general risks scale. Establishing them in dynamics can be used as a tool in monitoring the risk of complications occurrence, as a consequence of further treatments.

Keywords: oxidative stress, free radicals, radiotherapy


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