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The surgical tehniques of using amniotic membrane in opthalmology

Stanca T.H.
Abstract: The ocular surface diseases with structural degradation of cornea and/or conjunctiva need a special care and treatment. The amniotic membrane (AM) is a tissue very similar to conjunctiva, with no immunological reactivity, which can be grafted without the risk of rejection and the need of any immunosupresive therapy. This propriety, along with many others, recommend AM as a promising therapeutic alternative for the treatment of chemical burns, corneal or scleral sterile ulcers or perforations, recurrent pterygium. Nowadays, amniotic membrane grafting has expanded indications to limbal stem cells transplantation, offering the trophic environment for the grafted limbal cells and also to the lid surgery, helping the tarsal conjunctiva to cure and the tarsus to survive.

Keywords: amniotic membrane, ocular burns, corneal ulcers, epithelial defects, corneal pain, pterygium, entropion


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