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Breast cancer incidence and treatment

Kocsis Alexandra, Neagu St., Popa C.C-tin., Rusu Octavia, Marinescu B.
Abstract: Breast cancer is a topical issue in oncology due to the fact that illness frequency is maintained at a high level and evolution is especially severe in advanced stages. Reducing mortality is obtained by breast screening, that allows discovery of the disease before they have clinical manifestations in less advanced stages, situations where a very high percentage of relapses are rare. In the U.S.A. breast cancer mortality was reduced by 11% through screening, which led to reduced treatment costs. In Romania the situation of breast cancer has not improved significantly if we consider that more than half of patients are diagnosed at later stages and therefore treatment costs are high and the results are less good. Treatment involves surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, and the results depend on many factors such as stage, compliance, comorbidities.

Keywords: breast cancer, treatment, incidence


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