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Malaria – a continuous challenge

Stefan I.
Abstract: Malaria, whose history is almost as old as humanity’s itself, constitutes a permanent challenge and reason of concern for the medical community. The involvement of the fifth plasmodium species – Plasmodium knowlesi has become an undeniable reality. Also, expanded choloroquine resistance, mefloquine resistance, the occurrence of artemisinin resistance as well as the lack of an efficient vaccine, the possibility of P. vivax transmission to persons with negative Duffy antigen, resistance of vectors to DDT and derivates represent matters of high relevance for the scientists in the field. However, these threats led to intensified efforts to discover new therapeutic and diagnosis breakthroughs.

Keywords: malaria, Plasmodium knowlesi, RDTs, Tafenoquine, Pironaridine, RTS,S vaccine


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