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Neck suppurations in children

Palade D., Toader Miorita, Constantin Anca, Niculescu L., Draghici M., Vivisenco Iolanda Cristina
Abstract: In the past, neck suppurations were common causes of morbidity and mortality. Nowadays, the progress of antibiotherapy and rapid isolation of pathogenic bacteria with the antibiogram obtained in proper time, along with better living conditions and increased medical education of the population on hygiene conditions led to a significant decrease in the incidence of these diseases and an increase in the therapeutic success rate. Polybacterial etiology remained unchanged, with different pathogen combinations, often multiresistant to antibiotics. Infections can occur both in healthy individuals without significant local or general personal medical history and in people with existing diseases, which have been neglected or unknown. The authors present the diagnostic and therapeutic approach in one case of a child with neck suppuration, in which unusual pathogens for the paediatric ENT pathology were involved.

Keywords: neck suppuration, antibiotherapy, drainage, child


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