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Recurrent Bacterial Meningitis Due To Transethmoidal Nasal Meningoencephalocele in an Adult Patient

Gavriliu Liana-Catalina, Benea Otilia-Elisabeta
Abstract: Recurrent bacterial meningitis is a less common clinical entity, but it is usually more challenging for the clinician because it requires a thorough investigation of any predisposing factor. We report the case of an adult patient with a history of recurrent bacterial meningitis. Following extensive investigation for underlying predisposing factors, we found a malformation of the central nervous system as the cause of his recurrent meningitis. With the appropriate antimicrobial treatment the patient improved and he was referred to a neurosurgical department in order to solve his anatomic defect.

Keywords: recurrent meningitis, ethmoidal meningoencephalocele


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