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Abuse drugs between offence and consumption

C. Serban, M. Tudosie, R. Macovei, V. Negulescu, Zoie Ghiorghiu
Abstract: The analysis has focused on the judicial treatment applied to drugs and psychoactive substances according to the national and international conventions which regulate the fi eld under study. The analysis of the legislative premises were based on the study of the existent laws. The through and well - founded research of the multiple types and forms of legal and illegal drugs, of the legal and illegal drugs consumption and of the consequences of drugs consumption shows the necessity of preventing and fighting against drug traffic and illegal drugs consumption. Therefore, the eradication of the crimes connected to the circulation of psychoactive substances and narcotics must concern both the state organs and the whole society. Finaly, the study presents a retrospective statistical analysis of abuse drugs phenomenon, based on the hospitalized patients in ICU Toxicology between 1998 and 2008. The statistical data shows the alarming increase of abuse drug consumption every year, with the highest percentage of heroin. These data represent a quality indicator of the process.

Keywords: illegal traffi c, illegal drug use/drug abuse, psychoactive substance, tolerance, addiction


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